Elko Pop Con Panelist/Workshop Submissions

Deadline to submit: Saturday, June 15

Panels are a popular and fun way for people to connect with others on topics about which they are passionate, to learn something fascinating, and to ask questions about skills they want to develop. There’s a great variety of panel types to cover many interests!

The topic of the panels is almost always related to comics, pop culture, or geeky topics. They traditionally run for 45 minutes, discussing a pre-arranged subject, with the panel often structured into two segments; the first segment involves the host making a presentation or interviewing a guest, and the second part of the panel is opened up to the fans to ask questions. If instead you would like to do a performance of some kind (for example, a short comedy sketch loosely based on Romeo & Juliet), please reach out to costumes@elkocva.com with those requests before the deadline.

Workshops and Demonstrations are different in that they are essentially “master classes” to learn a specific skill with a knowledgeable teacher. These typically run 45 minutes to 2 hours, and a workshop charge may be included to cover the cost of materials by the instructor on a case by case basis.* Note that no assistance in running the workshop will be able to be provided by Elko Pop Con staff, so make sure to bring all the tools, materials, and additional assistants you will require to share your craft.

*Any charges and systems for processing fees for workshops will need to be arranged by the person running the workshop. No payments for workshops will be processed by the Elko Pop Con Staff.

Only 1 Panel or Workshop or Demonstration per form. If you want to submit multiple presentations for consideration, a new form submission will need to be filled out for each one. You will be notified when your presentation(s) has been approved for the convention, and you will have your panel date and time assigned to you by July 1st.