Nevada Scenic Drives

Create New Traditions on a Road Trip

Hitting the road for some sightseeing is a classic American tradition and these Nevada scenic drives around Elko fit the bill with a little adventure and a whole lot of stunning scenery.

When it comes to scenic wonder, let’s just say Northeastern Nevada hit the jackpot. We could talk for days about the Ansel Adams-esque beauty of Lamoille Canyon and the Ruby Mountains, but then that wouldn’t leave us much time to tell you about the outdoor wonderland that is the Angel Lake Scenic Byway. Oh, and don’t get us started on the hauntingly unforgettable ghost towns and other historic sites that dot the Elko County landscape.

Suffice it to say, when you visit Elko, you’re in for a real treat. Whether your thing is landscape photography, hiking, cycling, winter sports, fishing or a simple picnic under those gorgeous blue Nevada skies, these scenic drives will get you there on easily-accessible paved roads. And, once you’ve seen Elko’s byways bursting with life in spring and summer, you’re not going to want to pass up the opportunity to see it in all its autumnal and wintry glory.

We like to think of it as the gift that keeps on giving.

Angel Lake Scenic Byway

Take I-80 E. to Exit 351 in Wells and follow Highway 231 to Angel Lake. Favorite activities: picnicking, fishing, non-power boating, backpacking and hiking. Angel Lake Campground has 26 sites and nine picnic areas with potable water, vault toilets and on-site hosts.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Take SR 227 18 miles south of Elko. Passing Spring Creek, turn right on Canyon Drive before Lamoille for a 12-mile drive curving its way upward through glacier-formed Lamoille Canyon. Self-guided auto tour takes visitors through geology exhibits, meadows and avalanche chutes

Historic Sites

Imagine, for a moment, Elko in its early days as a whistle stop along the Central Pacific Railroad. Think of the settlers who traveled far from home for a piece of the gold and silver mining action. At these museums and historic sites, you’ll get a sense of how life really was.

Ghost Towns

Voices from the past speak directly to visitors to Elko County’s myriad ghost towns and old mining encampments. Walk among the ruins of long-forgotten outposts and mines in these classic Old West Ghost towns of Tuscarora, Metropolis and others.

Photo by Sydney Martinez | Travel Nevada

A Note About Safety

With the challenge of winter recreation come new risks to visitors unfamiliar to our terrain. To ensure safe adventures, please consider the following precautions:

Avalanches frequently occur throughout our mountain ranges where steep ridges may cause unstable snowpack conditions. Winter adventurists should be knowledgeable about avoiding likely avalanche areas.

When driving, carry snow equipment such as chains, shovels and sand.

Hypothermia can kill those who are unprepared for sudden cold temperatures, snowfall, icy rain and chilly winds. Sudden weather changes are common, so be prepared.

It is always wise to check road conditions before starting a drive. For up-to-date information, contact the Nevada Department of Transportation at (775) 777-2700 (office) or 877-NV-ROADS (toll free road conditions info) or the NDOT website.