Things to Do in Elko

Looking for things to do in Elko, NV? Saddle up for the rodeo, explore the Ruby Mountains on a heli-skiing trip, find unexpected flavors, seek out art and more here.

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Ruby Crest Trail

Elko offers abundant hiking any time of year.

Elko Activities

Let’s face facts. There are a lot of Western destinations that are only known for one thing. Maybe that thing is gambling or skiing or maybe it’s the art or the cuisine. Well, we’ve got some great news for you: Elko, Nevada is the perfect place for all that and more.

Where else can you enjoy heli-skiing during the day, Old West saloons at night and plenty of history and culture in between? Fact is, Elko is a diverse place that attracts modern day cowboys right alongside geared-up trail hikers and members of the artsy, cappuccino-sipping set all in one town. Call it a modern day melting pot, call it a hub for adventure seekers, but whatever you do, don’t call it boring.

There are so many things to do in Elko that we can hardly list them all here. From dining family style at an historic Basque restaurant to exploring Lamoille Canyon and the Ruby Mountains to throwback hotels, motels and saloons that recall wilder times, we’re all about mixing things up and seeing what happens. Explore 51 art murals, find dozens of large, colorfully-decorated cowboy boots, tuck into a plate of sushi, sip a Picon Punch, get lost in ghost towns … there’s so much to do in Elko, NV.

And, don’t forget our annual festivals — from the rodeo to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering to the Elko Band Pow-Wow, there are a million reasons to visit Elko any time of year. Here are just a few of them.

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Uncommon Activities

Out of the ordinary is par for the course in Elko, NV. Find all sorts of unconventional fun (both indoors and out) in the heart of northeastern Nevada.

Outdoor Recreation

Hike the Rubies for wildflower spotting in the spring, traverse down 10,000 foot peaks in winter, photograph stunning fall foliage in autumn and do whatever the heck you love doing all summer long, right here in Elko.

Arts & Culture

Elko is home to 51 painted wall murals, dozens of Centennial Boots, ancient artifacts, Wild West history, Basque culture, coffee shops and so much more than you might expect.

What to Do in Elko

Wondering what to do in Elko, Nevada? Cast all doubt aside, because we have a satisfying array of fun stuff on tap for visitors to our town.

things to do in elko nevada

The names Jarbidge, Lamoille and the Rubies are all synonymous with world-class outdoor adventure and exploration. Guess what? They’re all right here in Elko County.

elko family activities

For such a small town, we sure do pack an extreme amount of family fun in one place. Check out bowling, movie-going, swimming and other outdoor fun for your entire tribe right here.

what to do in elko nevada

Ride the trail at the California Trail Historic Interpretive Center, explore western life at the Northeastern Nevada Museum, celebrate all things cowboy at the Western Folklife Center and the Cowboy Arts & Gear Museum.

Elko scenic drives

Step back in time with a drive to historic Tuscarora, trek to the Fort Halleck Memorial and get lost in the indescribable splendour of our scenic byways through the Rubies.

elko nightlife

Sports bars, throwback casinos, underground nightclubs and whiskey lounges — Elko has the after-dark scene covered and then some.

Ruby Mountain Heli-Skiing Experience

Elko heli skiing

You haven’t skied until you’ve dropped out of a high-altitude chopper at 11,000 feet before descending into some of the most stunning territory in the west.