Responsible Travel

Plan Carefully and Think Ahead: Preparing for an enjoyable and safe adventure

The Elko Convention & Visitors Authority wants to ensure area guests have a safe experience while exploring our outdoors.

While summer is dry, often leaving residents reminiscing of winter’s snow, it is not without its challenges when adventuring throughout the hills and trails. Winter (hopefully) brings blankets of snow, and often surprisingly low temperatures. Whether your idea of adventure includes the hush of falling snowflakes in a pristine alpine meadow, racing through powder with adrenaline-pumping speed or casting a line with your toes in the shoreline, Northern Nevada can exceed your expectations. Be sure to prepare accordingly and you’re assured a great time while you Explore Elko, Nevada.

The Elko area terrain and climate can present some unexpected and new risks to even the most experienced outdoor recreation enthusiasts. To ensure safe adventures, please consider the following precautions.

Travel Safety Tips

• Check road conditions before starting a drive. For up-to-date road condition information, call 877-NV-ROADS or 511, download the NV Roads app or visit the Nevada Department of Transportation road conditions website at

• Check the weather forecast for the areas you’ll be visiting over the timeframe of your planned adventures. Northeastern Nevada weather can be fickle, offering snow showers in the morning and bright sun in clear blue skies by the afternoon.

• When driving, be sure to have a full tank of gas and carry equipment such as chains, shovels and sand to get unstuck if your plans are to go off-road. Follow guidance regarding chains and snow tires during winter months.

• Pack extra water and non-perishable food items in case your travels are delayed.

• Cellular service can be intermittent throughout rural, undeveloped areas of northeastern Nevada. Let someone know when you’re heading out on your adventure, where you’re going and when you expect to return. And be sure to reconnect when back to share your great stories!

• Sudden weather changes are common, and can happen year-round. Be prepared with layers of clothing, weatherproof outer layers and extra clothing and socks in your vehicle and/or backpack to change in case you get wet. Hypothermia can be a risk year-round, especially in the higher elevations of northeastern Nevada.

• Avalanches frequently occur throughout northeastern Nevada’s mountain ranges where steep ridges and temperature extremes may cause unstable snow pack conditions. Winter adventurists should be knowledgeable about avoiding potential avalanche areas. If you do venture into avalanche prone areas, be sure to take the proper safety equipment with you and notify others of when you’re leaving, where you’re going and when you expect to return. An avalanche beacon checkpoint has been installed in Lamoille Canyon to support outdoor enthusiasts in ensuring their equipment is working properly.

Recreate Responsibly

No matter where you go or how you choose to explore this amazing area, remember to practice safe and responsible recreation. Protecting wildlife and natural resources, keeping our parks and trails healthy, being careful with fire and educating yourself before your trip help ensure a great experience for you and future visitors.

Nevada is a checkerboard of public and private lands. There may not always be clear signage delineating public and private land boundaries, and there isn’t always cell reception to conveniently look up maps. Those unfamiliar with the region are advised to take a printed map when venturing throughout rural Nevada.

Follow all posted signage you may encounter, whether it relates to public/private land access, fire restrictions, road conditions or otherwise. Fire is a threat year-round, so be sure to follow current restrictions and guidance when venturing throughout the northeastern Nevada outdoors.

While exploring the outdoors, stick to trails and other established pathways to avoid negative impacts to sensitive areas. Do your best to leave the area better than you found it, packing out all trash and any other waste. Help protect and preserve Nevada’s history by leaving cultural artifacts in place for other people to discover. Respect wildlife by keeping your distance, not feeding them and keeping pets on a leash.

The Elko area has something for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. Respecting the rights and being considerate of others goes a long way to ensuring everyone has a great outdoor experience.

For more information, tips and resources about safe and responsible recreation, visit the following sites: