Places to Go Cycling in Elko

If we had to pick the best places to go cycling in Elko, we would be hard pressed to choose just one. Think about it. From Nevada mountain biking trails (MTBs) to numerous surface roads that wind through gorgeous scenery, Elko offers a little something for cyclists of every skill level throughout the year.

For the road bikers, Lamoille Canyon is a top pick, especially in the warmer months, as endless miles of wildflowers, glaciated canyons and endless blue skies frame the perfect picture for a day in the saddle. Mountain biking is equally popular in Elko, with a host of trails waiting to be discovered. Learn more about Elko’s road and mountain biking options here.

Mountain Biking in Nevada

There’s no better way to take in the region’s scenic beauty than an Elko mountain biking trip, be it for an afternoon in summer or an extended trip in spring or fall.
Some of our favorite Elko MBTs follow below:

Hamilton Stage Road Loop

Just outside Elko city limits, this historical trail follows the Hamilton Stage Route. There are fantastic views of Elko and the old Oil Shale Mine. Side trails to the south lead to Four Mile Canyon, South Fork State Recreation Area, and the South Fork Humboldt River Canyon, route of the infamous Donner-Reed party in 1846.

Distance from Elko: 3 miles (4.8 km)
Services: All services available in Elko
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Harrison Pass

This portion of the Humboldt National Forest rises from the valley floor to over 7,000 feet in elevation. See beautiful views of Huntington Valley from the top of the ridge. Generally double track trails through sagebrush rolling hills, aspen stands and beaver ponds in the stream bottoms.

Distance from Elko: 42 miles (67.2 km)
Services: Limited services in Spring Creek
Skill Level: All


Small ranching town with deep mining industry roots. World renowned pottery artists operate a pottery school in this tiny town and allow visitor tours. Historical cemetery on the outskirts of town marks the lives of early settlers and ranchers. This area does not provide established trails but plenty of scenic riding is available.

Distance from Elko: 54 miles (87 km)
Services: None available in Tuscarora; limited along State Route 225
Skill Level: Beginner

Big Bend/Sunflower Flat

Variety of routes for beginner to advanced bikers including Point of Rocks, Tennessee Mountain and Martin Creek; elevation changes from 6,000 to 8,000 feet. Sweeping high desert view and abundant mountain wildlife.

Distance from Elko: 80 miles (128.8 km)
Services: All services available in Mountain City or Wildhorse Resort
Skill Level: All

Spruce Mountain

Located 37 miles south of Wells on U.S. Highway 93. Roads to the historic mining ghost town of Spruce Mountain with abandoned structures and equipment, and to several mine sites, such as the Black Forest and Killie mines.

Distance from Elko: 87 miles (145.3 km)
Services: All services available in Wells
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Elko Bike Shops

Road-tripping visitors often bring their bikes along, but repairs are a fact of life. Check out these bike shops for extra gear, essentials and rentals to better enjoy your outdoor time in Elko.

Road Biking in Nevada

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Mountain biking may be king around here, but there are some equally regal experiences to be had on area roads, as well. Whether it’s a trek through Lamoille Canyon’s geological wonders or on an area surface street where the beauty of Elko comes alive at every turn, you’ll never tire of the scenery. These roads are always popular with local cyclists.