Elko Centennial Boots

Elko’s Centennial Boots are definitely not made for walking, but they sure are fun to look at. On your next stroll through town, keep an eye out for dozens of hand-painted, six-foot tall boots at local businesses and in public places. These are the famous Centennial Boots of Elko and they’re found in grocery stores, museums, a hospital, hotels and even our own Elko Convention & Visitors Authority.

Centennial Boot Walk

Explore the Centennial Boots around Elko with this handy guide to the boot name, location and artist.

Helen White

Location: 13 Fairgrounds Rd.
Artist: Janice Powell Shedd

Towne Place Suites Marriott

Location: 2625 E. Jennings Way
Artist: Catherine Wines

Gallagher Ford

Location: 650 30th St.
Artist: Rhonda Morfin

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

Location: 2001 Errecart Blvd.
Artist: Vicki Palagi

Northeastern Nevada Museum

Location: 1515 Idaho St.
Artist: Janet Weeks

Coldwell Banker Q-Team Realty

Location: 700 Idaho St.
Artist: Kandiss Fallow Field

PACE Coalition

Location: 720 Court St.
Artist: Sandy Beeler

Simons Family

Location: 575 Idaho St.
Artist: Tam Foree

JM Capriolas

Location: 500 Commercial St.
Artist: Toni Schutte

Taber Building

Location: 421 Railroad St.
Artist: Catherine Wines

Ormaza Properties

Location: 225 Silver St.
Artist: Gina Holmberg

Star Hotel

Location: 246 Silver St.
Artist: Pam Wells

Ruby Mountain Chiropractic Center

Location: 123 2nd St.
Artist: Rico Neri

Barrick Gold

Location: 905 W Main St.
Artist: Audrey Vasquez

Canyon Construction Co.

Location: 975 Terminal Way
Artist: Janice Powell Shedd

Great Basin College

Location: 1500 College Pkwy.
Artist: Krysti Lyn Glass

Blohm Jewelers

Location: 495 Idaho St.
Artist: Karie Denham

Elko Convention & Visitors Authority

Location: 700 Moren Way
Artist: Ron Arthaud

Gerber Law/Edward Jones

Location: 491 4th St.
Artist: Tim Hatch

A+ Total Care

Location: 976 Mountain City Hwy.
Artist: Brent Johnson

2016 Elko County Commissioners

Location: 575 Idaho St.
Artist: Patti Gray

Post Office

Location: 275 3rd St.
Artist: Simone Turner

Coldwell Banker Q-Team Realty

Location: 1055 7th St.
Artist: Grammar 2

Great Basin Engineering Contractors

Location: 13 Fairgrounds Rd.
Artist: Matthew Shedd

Cheryl’s Stained Glass & Gifts

Location: 385 Court St.
Artist: Cheryl Schmidtlein

Geothermal Industrial Park of Elko

Location: 905 W. Main St.
Artist: Toni Schutte

Elko Heat Co.

Location: 904 W. Main St.
Artist: Toni Schutte

LP Insurance

Location: 555 5th St.
Artist: Inga Ojala


Location: 905 Railroad St.
Artist: Annie Isaak

Effron Aguirre

Location: 3331 Beverly Circle
Artist: Toni Schutte

Western Folklife Center

Location: 501 Railroad St.
Artist: Sidne Teske

Swire Coca-Cola

Location: 3400 W Idaho St.
Artist: Yvonne Colclasure

Gold Dust West

Location: 1660 Mountain City Hwy.
Artist: Simone Turner

Empower Fitness

Location: 780 W. Silver St.
Artist: Rico Neri

Taylor Chiropractic

Location: 1810 Pinion Rd.
Artist: Audrey Vasquez

Eide Bailly Building

Location: 975 5th St.
Artist: Genny Albitre

Explore Elko Boots

Unfamiliar with Elko’s boots? Here’s the story. The town of Elko turned 100 in 2017. As part of the centennial celebrations, the Elko Arts and Culture Advisory Board tapped artists to help raise awareness about the area’s blossoming arts scene. The result: 36 striking hand-painted boots made of polyurethane resin and colorfully painted in tribute to Elko’s cultural diversity and history. Each Centennial Boot stands six feet tall and weighs 110 pounds.

Part of the fun is uncovering the meaning of each boot. Some are painted to commemorate the area’s Hispanic heritage, while others depict ranch and farm life. Others highlight the beauty of the nearby Ruby Mountains, while some show off Northeastern Nevada’s stunning landscapes and blue skies that seem to go on forever.

Once you see one, you absolutely have to see them all, and they’re tailor-made for social media photos or just capturing your time spent in Elko. Learn more about Elko’s arts and culture scene and our famous painted wall murals here.

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