Native American History in Elko

Tribes of Western Shoshone Indians roamed what is now Elko County for thousands of years before the West was settled by immigrants. Today, the Te-Moak Band is one of many that continue to teach their children the ancient customs of their ancestors. They celebrate with Powwows throughout the year, inviting everyone to watch them dance, play music and compete in games with other bands of Shoshone.

Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone Indians of Nevada

Native Americans are the longest-lived cultural group in Elko, having established roots in the area long before settlers and pioneers started arriving here in the Nineteenth Century. Home to the Elko Band of the Te Moak Tribe of Nevada, Elko is rich in Native American heritage, with annual events celebrating the culture, while museum displays tell the stories of those who have called this land their home for centuries.

A display at the California Trail Interpretive Center allows visitors to explore a full Shoshone Village. Learn more about Elko’s Native American culture here.

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Elko Band Pow-Wow

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The Elko Band Pow-Wow Committee and Elko Band Council organize and host the annual October Elko Band Pow Wow at the Indian Colony Gym in Elko, Nevada. The Elko Band Pow Wow is one of the country’s more dynamic cultural events and is free to participants and spectators alike.

Come listen to the sounds of the drums and view the incredible dancing traditions preserved and shared. Admission is free. Visitors can enjoy dancing, arts and crafts vendors. The highlight of the event is the Grand Entry, when dancers come into the arena all at once. For more information call (775) 738-9251 or visit the Elko Band Council’s Facebook page.