Fishing in Elko, Nevada

Ask any Elko local about their fondest childhood memories and chances are, the word “fishing” will come up more than once. Maybe it was a planned trip for a day of lake fishing, picnicking and relaxing in the summer sun. Or, maybe it was a day spent learning to fly fish on one of our local streams. The hardiest of souls might even recall a chilly morning spent huddled in an ice fishing shanty while sipping hot cocoa to stay warm.

Whatever your preferred method of reelin’ ‘em in, Elko’s lakes, rivers, ponds and streams are brimming with bass, trout and other native species ready to bite the hook. Explore Elko’s lake, stream and ice fishing options here.

Elko, NV Lake Fishing

An American classic, lake fishing is the way most youngsters get “hooked” on the sport, and the Elko area does not disappoint. Tens of thousands of acres are open for those looking to land a trophy trout while taking in the scenic wonder of Elko County.

Elko, NV Stream Fishing

Serious anglers know Elko’s rivers and streams are a veritable gold mine for rainbow and brook trout. Fly fishing is a popular pastime in Elko, with solitary figures dotting the banks of streams across the county.

Elko, NV Ice Fishing

Yes, there’s ice fishing around Elko! With winters often bringing ice and snow to our high desert locale, area lakes and reservoirs freeze enough for some authentic ice fishing adventures. Explore Elko ice fishing spots below.

Fishing in Northern Nevada

Grab your rod and tackle box (don’t forget your permit) for an afternoon or long weekend of pole fishing, fly fishing and even ice fishing around Elko.

South Fork State Recreation Area

This 1,650 acre reservoir is accessible by paved road and freezes late in the season. The large trout in this reservoir and upstream provide fast action at times. 16 miles from Elko.

Wild Horse State Recreation Area

120-acre park featuring trout, bass, yellow perch and catfish from boat or shore. Also a popular ice fishing spot for catching trout and yellow perch in winter. 70 miles from Elko.

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Home to prime largemouth bass fishing. Also great for fly or spin fishing. A fresh water bullrush marsh, open ponds, and grassy uplands highlight the area. 65 miles from Elko.

Angel Lake Scenic Byway

This beautiful alpine lake is accessible by paved road and offers plenty of mountain trout and memorable fly fishing. Motorized boats are prohibited. 62 miles from Elko.

Wilson Reservoir

Offers great trout and largemouth bass fishing. Motorized boats are restricted to 10 hp. Also a prime spot for winter ice fishing, mostly trout. 90 miles from Elko.

Lake Billy Shaw

The premier fly fishing, catch-and-release trout fishery of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation. Known for trophy sized aggressive trout. Permits required. 96 miles from Elko.

Sheep Creek Reservoir

Home to monster trout, featuring 30 camping shades, a picnic area, restrooms and two boat launches. Special permit required. 103 miles from Elko.

Owyhee River

The East Fork is known as one of the best trout fisheries in northern Nevada. With 10 miles of fishable river, anglers hit deep holes and decent velocity. 80 miles from Elko.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Fly fishing for trout is available in abundance. Easy access is provided on this paved road. Views include scenic glaciated canyons and open water. 25 miles from Elko.

Bruneau River

This remote area boasts plenty of fast water stream fishing for rainbow trout. The Bruneau River is located 75 miles from Elko.

Tabor Creek

This small stream offers both rainbow and brook trout in abundance. Located 35 miles from Elko.

Fishing Gear Guide

Before you head out, load up on bait, tackle, licenses and other fishing-related gear at these Elko-area tackle shops.