Elko, Nevada Hiking Trails

With its high desert setting and proximity to the Ruby Mountains, Elko is one of the West’s prime spots for hiking, backpacking, trail running and other on-foot adventures. Some opt for a simple day hike to check out the wildflowers in bloom during spring, while others take a more hardcore approach and set out for days (or weeks) of trekking through the remote hills, canyons and mountains of Northeastern Nevada.

Elko hiking is most popular in late spring, all summer and early fall, with winter often bringing snowfall and challenging conditions, but it’s possible to hike area trails nearly any time of year. Popular spots include Lamoille Lake, the Rubies, Soldier Basin and Overland Lake, and there are many miles of trails off the beaten path, as well. Elko hiking isn’t just for seasoned trail blazers, either. Many of the hikes around Elko County cater to beginners and day hikers, offering something for everyone. Still, if you’re up for a challenge, keep in mind that Elko County is home to 312 named mountains, with 10 peaks above 11,000 feet.

Explore Elko’s hiking trails here.

Hiking Near Elko, NV

Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail

Found along the spine of the Rubies, this well maintained trail has many hikes to choose from. Elevation rises 2,400 feet with abundant wildlife and spectacular alpine scenery.

Roads End — Lamoille Canyon

This unique granite canyon formed by glaciers offers a wide variety of opportunities. Hike to several beautiful mountain lakes including Lamoille, Island, Dollar, Liberty, Favre and Castle.

Winchell Lake

Well marked trail located on Angel Lake Road is 4 miles (6.54 km) long, contouring the East Humboldt Mountains with a 700-feet change in elevation. Great for spotting wildflowers in spring.

Soldier Basin

Trail accesses a beautiful high elevation basin with several lakes and spectacular scenery. This trail can be accessed from two sides of the Ruby Mountains.

Overland Lake

The trail climbs from Ruby Valley 2,700 feet to Overland lake, along a well marked trail through Aspen groves and meadows with wide open views of Ruby Valley below.

Hiking Northern Nevada

When you’re in Northeastern Nevada, you should prepare for rapidly changing conditions during all seasons. Although summers tend to be warm and dry, a July snowstorm is not unheard of. As such, hikers should pack layers of clothing for a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. A GPS unit or extensive trail map is advised along with a survival kit and plenty of water. Check road conditions on the Nevada DOT website before traveling.