Nevada Ghost Towns

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Nevada ghost towns and the buildings that still stand here serve as living reminders of the past. These are the roads and towns once populated by restless dreamers in search of gold, silver and a better life than the one back home. Their ruins, found throughout Elko County, are testament to the grit, courage and determination that eventually helped tame the West, transforming it into the vibrant place it is today.

See the road where hundreds of thousands of emigrants carried their lives from one coast to another. Explore the ruins of Tuscarora where settlers braved the elements to create what would eventually become a ranching community. Discover the towns like Wells that sprung up along the Central Pacific Railroad and dig into mining history in Mountain City, Gold Creek and Tinto.

Ghost Town Tours

Ghost town tours are abundant around Elko, Nevada, with both the guided and the self-guided varieties on offer. From copper mines to former portions of the Pony Express Overland Mail Service Trail, Elko County is a ghost town lover’s dream.

Elko Ghost Tours

Ready for a hauntingly good time? Hundreds gather in downtown Elko each October for a walking tour of the town’s most haunted spots. Local performers add to the spooky atmosphere.

Elko scenic drives

Scenic Drives

Explore Elko on the Angel Lake Scenic Byway, Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway and other highlights including old mining towns and modern-day ghost towns.

Ghost Towns Around Elko, NV

From the historic California Trail to the ruins of Metropolis, the past comes alive in these Elko-area ghost towns.


Built in 1911 as a farming promotional scheme, Metropolis died after losing a fight over water rights in the 1920’s. Explore the remains of the local school, hotel and a few homes.

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A living ghost town, Tuscarora is a ranching community and home to world-renowned artists, but during the peak of the silver rush of the 1880’s, it was Elko County’s largest town.

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Lured by the promise of early riches and fertile land, this historic emigrant trail was traversed by more than 200,000 people migrating to California between 1840 and 1870.

Old Town Wells

In 1869 the Central Pacific Railroad founded the town at Humboldt Wells on the California Trail. The cowtown connected Spruce Mountain and White Pine County mines to the railhead.

Mountain City, Gold Creek, Tinto

At the turn of the century, Mountain City was home to thousands of gold, silver and copper mines. Today, the community provides ample opportunities to explore mining history.

Pony Express, Donner Trail

In the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge is a portion of the Pony Express Overland Mail Service Trail. The Donner Party crossed here to rejoin the California Trail.