Cross-Country Skiing in Nevada

For cross-country skiers and showshoers, Nevada is a gold mine of wintry terrain, with hidden snowy valleys and quiet trails to practice their Zen-like sports far from the packed crowds of ski resorts.

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Elko, Nevada Cross-Country Skiing

Originating in Scandinavia thousands of years ago, cross-country skiing presents a heart-pumping and often solitary way to move quickly across vast stretches of snowy fields, making portions of Elko County tailor made for this activity. Snowshoeing is quite popular here, too.

With the Ruby Mountains as an inspirational backdrop, Elko’s valleys, mountain passes and recreational areas serve as the perfect place to strap on a pair of Nordic skis or snowshoes and experience the calm of a brilliant winter’s day. Here’s a closer look at some of the top spots for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in Elko County.

Where to Cross-Country Ski Around Elko

These recreational areas provide ample opportunities to head outdoors and enjoy the scenery on cross-country skis or snowshoes.

lamoille canyon hiking

This rolling canyon provides challenges for skiers of all levels. A popular trailhead is located at the end of the paved highway through Lamoille Canyon. 25 miles from Elko.

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angel lake cross country skiing

Angel Lake Scenic Byway

This easily accessible lake offers a variety of skiing possibilities throughout the season. Good for beginner to intermediate skiers and snowshoers. 62 miles from Elko.

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ruby lake cross country skiing

Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Plenty of rolling space is available on the 37,632 acre refuge for beginners to practice their cross-country skills. Located 65 miles from Elko.

Harrison Pass

Home to the South Trailhead of Ruby Crest National Recreation Trail overlooking the Ruby Valley and the nearby wildlife refuge. Multiple trails offer challenges for all skiers. 42 miles from Elko.

Wild Horse State Recreation Area

Miles of open cross-country skiing areas from Sunflower Flats to Merritt Mountain. Elevation rises 1,700 feet and offers beautiful views of the Independence Range. 65 miles from Elko.

Jack Creek

Trail elevations rise nearly 2,000 feet in the mountains surrounding Jack Creek. Opportunities for all levels of skiers are available. 58 miles from Elko.

Elko SnoBowl Ski Area

Of course, it’s not all about cross-country skiing in Elko. A mere five minutes from the center of town is a hidden gem for alpine and downhill skiers called the Elko SnoBowl and Bike Park. Operated on a volunteer basis, this small but charming hill is great for beginners and those looking to tune up their skills without the crowds of a large resort.