Snowmobiling in Elko

Surrounded by the gorgeous Ruby Mountains, Elko, NV is one of the West’s premiere spots for snowmobiling action. Learn about Elko-area snowmobile trails, rentals and more.

lamoille canyon snowmobiling
Snowmobiling Near Elko

It’d be pretty easy to associate Elko and Northeastern Nevada with a dry, arid high desert climate, and that wouldn’t be an inaccurate guess. But head south just a few miles and you’ll discover a snowmobiler’s paradise around Lamoille Canyon and the Ruby Mountains. For much of the winter, snow rules the roost in the mountains and there’s no better way to experience it than up close on a snowmobile.

You’ll be kicking up frosty sprays of the white stuff from the tail of your mountain snowmobile all around Elko. Experience miles of trails around Wild Horse Reservoir, find steep climbs at Jack Creek and Independence Mountain, track through incredibly deep powder in Jarbidge, Charleston and North Fork, then take in the spectacular scenery surrounding Lamoille Canyon on your next Elko snowmobiling adventure.

Adventure-seekers Wanted

Some folks dig the roar of a performance snowmobile, while others prefer the calmer pace of a touring sled. Whatever you’re into, Elko’s snowmobiling areas have it all.

Wild Horse Reservoir, Gold Creek, Merritt Mountain

The terrain is varied for endless miles in this popular Elko snowmobiling spot. Perfect for all skill levels. 65 miles south of Elko. All services available.

Jack Creek and Independence Mountains

If the mountains are calling, start at Jack Creek Lodge to traverse ranching country. Trail features a 4,000 foot rise. 58 miles south of Elko. Some services available in Jack Creek.

North Fork, Charleston and Jarbidge

The snow isn’t shy here, with more than 30 feet falling in winter. Find unique challenges in this rugged terrain. 55 miles south of Elko. Services at Wild Horse State Rec Area.

Lamoille Canyon Scenic Byway

Marvel at glaciated canyons in one of Elko County’s most picturesque areas. 25 miles south of Elko, services available in the town of Lamoille.

Snowmobile Rentals in Elko

Snowmobile rentals are available in Elko at SledNV, which makes it the perfect home base for some powdery good times on area snowmobile trails. After a day on the hill, rest comfortably in area lodging, kick back with a cocktail at local bars and fill up on dinner at our wide variety of restaurants. Ready to get the adrenaline pumping?